Oil with a legacy...

Meet Thee essentials


Butterfly is for invoking the sense of calmness. A few deep and intentional whiffs to welcome calm and tension release. A decadent blend that includes Chamolilla Recutita & Canarium.


Seven- prayer oil designed for communion, meditation, and oneness.This oil is intentionally blended with Frankincense and Myrrh.


Our signature Clarity spray welcomes focus with the sweet scents of vanilla and sandalwood. Use this spray to experience the aroma of clarity with a hint of relaxation.

Butterfly is light and relaxing. It's a great way to start or even reset your day. The lasting power of this oil is amazing. I've never had an essential oil last this long even after I wash my hands. I HIGHLY recommend because Butterfly is a high quality mix of essential oils.


This was my first time using any oils outside of lavender. I could smell the aroma through the little bag it came in...I am extremely happy about these products and I will be getting more!

Dr. Cortesha Cowan

Bee's Essential Oils are a wonderful way to make a statement or tell a story...from the first time I smelled the line it reminded me of a peaceful place I could go to when I need to relax. The absolute best oils I have ever had! Can't wait to order more!!